Berkshire Bacon (All Natural)
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Berkshire Bacon                              ( All Natural )

Berkshire Bacon ( All Natural )

The Best Bacon you can find! Tasty & Healthy! 

Are you tired of bacon that is too salty and cured with ingredients that you wouldn't use at home? Look no further! We here at Heritage Berskhire have created the best tasting bacon with the perfect balance of taste. Using all natural ingredients like turbinado sugar and sea salt, we have produced a rich, flavorful, and robust bacon using a generations-old English method of smoking meats with hard wood. To care for your health, our special Berkshire Bacon has No added Nitrates or Nitrites, No MSG, No Chemical and No Preservatives.
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Fresh Pork Belly (1/2 Slab)Boneless Berkshire Pork Belly
Two 1/2 slabs per order. 
Approximate: 4 lbs per slab, 8 lbs total.
Fresh Pork Belly (Full Slab)Boneless Berkshire Pork Belly
1 Full slab
Approximate: 8.0 lbs
Fresh Pork Belly (Skin On)Pork Boneless Belly (Skin On)
1 Full Slab
Approximate: 15-17 lbs.

Bacon - Hickory Smoked - sliced (Uncured / Gluten Free)Made from Berkshire Pork.
All Natural - Gluten Free, No added Nitrates or Nitrites, No MSG, No preservatives, Uncured 
2 packages per order
Approximate: 1 lb per pack, 2 lbs total.

100% Quality Guarantee !

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Add a kick of flavor to any meal with our Smoked Berkshire Bacon!

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